Calzolai - Law Firm

Calzolai - Law Firm

Calzolai Law Firm

Calzolai Law Firm offers expert and up-to-date legal advice in various areas of law, ensuring complete and professional assistance for the resolution of any type of legal dispute relating to its field of specialization. The professional activity carried out by Calzolai Law Firm involves various areas of law, with particular attention to the following subjects:

Civil Law

The firm provides direct credit recovery activities (private and corporate) both in the out-of-court and judicial phase, provides opinions and assistance relating to the stipulation of any type of contract, including sales, leases, including financial (leasing), banking and insurance; the Firm also deals with road accidents, property law, family law (with specific regard to succession, inheritance divisions, divorces and adoptions (both national or international), labour and social security law (in particular for appeals against dismissals, pay differences, accidents and social security benefits). A notary is available for any notarial deed, which includes, but is not limited, to all transfers of property, companies set up, wills and any other documents which must be publicly registered in the Italian territory Also a Chartered Accountant service can be provided by the Law Firm as well as our in-house surveyor department can provide all types of appraisals, technical and records inspections for any transaction concerning land or real estate.

Corporate and Business Law

Calzolai Law Firm offers its consultancy and assistance from the constitution phase of the company (including transformation, merger and demerger operations), up to the management of insolvency procedures, as well as the dissolution, cancellation or in any case extinction of the same for the conclusion of liquidation or insolvency procedures, including bankruptcy procedures.

Criminal Law

Calzolai Law Firm also deals with corporate criminal law, urban planning and environmental crimes, as well as the establishment of a civil party in the criminal trial.

Administrative Law

Calzolai Law Firm also provides administrative opinions for the challenge of administrative acts of Municipalities, Regions, Provinces or other administrative bodies.