Calzolai - Law Firm

Calzolai - Law Firm

Studio Legale Calzolai

The professional activity carried out by Calzolai - Law Firm affects different law areas, paying specific attention to:

Civil Law

Calzolai - Law Firm gives a direct support on debt collection procedures (for private citizens or companies) during extrajudicial and judicial phases, provides legal opinion and assistance on each type of contract drafting (purchase agreement, leasing, banking and insurance contracts); Calzolai - Law Firm also deals with car accidents, Condominium Law, Family Law (successions, inheritance partition, separations, divorces and adoptions, even internationally), labor Law, social security (appeals against dismissals, different wages, work related injuries and social security benefits).

Company Law

Calzolai - Law Firm offers advice and assistance from company establishment phase (including transformation, mergers and acquisitions) to insolvency procedures management, dissolution, cancellation or company extinction for the conclusion of winding-up/bankruptcy proceedings.

Penal Law

Calzolai - Law Firm also deals with Penal Law issues and mainly focused on Company Penal Law, urban and environmental crimes, civil actions during penal trials.


Calzolai - Law Firm also provides legal opinion and judicial assistance on and against administration deeds of Municipalities, Regions, Provinces or any other administrative entities.